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As an added value an easy-to-use Position Size Calculator
is available by default on the XLTRADE MT5 platform.

Follow the steps below to locate the Position Size Calculator.

MT5 > Navigator > Expert Advisors > Position Size Calculator

Chimara PSC.PNG

The Calculator is easy to use.
Just drag and drop the Calculator to a Chart Window and move the
Green Line to the
price level (stop loss level) and enter either the Risk% or the USD Amount.

The Calculator then displays the proper Lot Size (and other values) for the instrument you want to trade.
Enter the Value (Position Size) into the Order Window and you are ready to place the order.

Order Window.PNG
  • Adjust the Green Line

  • Enter Risk% or USD Amount

  • Enter the Position Size into the Order Window

Please note that you are responsible for the setup. Don't contact our Support Team regarding the application and operation of the Indicator. If you need more information, please read the instructions.

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